"We believe that true change is a daily decision where your actions will determine the legacy of your footprint."

The Benefits of Footy's

Our cooldrink range is quite versatile as the powder can be used not only for making a refreshing drink but also ice lollies, added to gelatine to make your own sugar-free jelly, flavouring your plain yoghurt and also added to a slush machine for a great sugar-free alternative at your next function.

Sugar Free

Sugar Free

Made with Natural Ingredients

Made with Natural Ingredients

High in Vitamin C

High in Vitamin C

Banting Friendly

Banting Friendly

Low in Calories

Low in Calories

Tooth Friendly

Tooth Friendly

Footy's is based on a sweetener, namely Erythritol and the positive effect this has on oral hygiene. So how can your oral hygiene improve by simply drinking a powder cool drink?

Dental cavities (caries) develop when bacteria adhere to the surface of your teeth in the form of plaque. These bacteria then convert the fermentable carbohydrates that have become available into acids which then attack the tooth enamel. Footy’s does not cause the release of significant amounts of acid and the pH in your mouth remains above the critical pH level of 5.7.

If you eat for instance regular sugar the pH of your mouth drops for 15 minutes below critical pH which then causes an acidic environment and the risk of developing caries (cavities) increases over time.

Our Products

Footy's products offer a great alternative to traditional drinks and are available in 5 great flavours.

Footy's products are suitable for all ages, are Sugar-Free, High in Vitamin C, Banting Friendly and contains Erythritol which is tooth friendly.

Ready to Drink

Ready to Drink

Our Ready-to-Drink comes in a convenient 425ml bottle and has our "Push & Shake to Activate" technology. Simply push, pull, shake and push to enjoy a healthy alternative while you're on the go.

Powder Cool Drink (450g)

Flavoured Drink

Our Flavoured Drink is powdered and comes in a handy 450g jar. Simply add water to create a tasty drink that is a much healthier alternative to traditional cooldrinks. Each jar delivers up to 34 servings, ensuring there's enough for everyone.

Powder Cool Drink (170g)

Flavoured Drink

Our Flavoured Drink is powdered and comes in a handy 170g jar. Simply add water to create a tasty drink that is a much healthier alternative to traditional cooldrinks. Each jar delivers up to 12 servings, ensuring there's enough for everyone.

Variety Pack

Variety Pack

Our variety pack is ideal for single servings, ideally to pack in a lunchbox for a convenient way to enjoy a tasty and healthier drink. The variety pack includes 5x 15g sachets, one of each of our great tasting flavours.

Natural Ingredients

Our Footy’s range of powder cooldrinks are made with natural ingredients.

Erythritol, (pronounced “eryth·ri·tol”) is a natural component of fruits, vegetables and grains. Erythritol is classified as a sugar alcohol, even though it is neither sugar nor alcohol. It is derived from fruits and vegetables through a natural fermentation process, much like that of yogurt.

It has no calories and no effect on blood glucose levels. It is natural and doesn’t cause side effects either. Basically, all the good stuff in regular sugar, with none of the negatives and it is tooth friendly too.

Erythritol has less of a laxative effect when compared to other sugar alcohols, because 90 percent of it is absorbed in the small intestine and eliminated through the urine. Along with this, the natural flora in the colon does not use erythritol as a food source which lowers the chances of bloating and gas.

Stevia is a little green plant from the sunflower family.

The stevia leaf is up to 200 times sweeter than sugar, it does not have any caloric value or effect on blood sugar levels.

Add Footy's to your favourite plain yoghurt for a delicious dessert or breakfast.


Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa
Diabetes of South Africa
Frequent Foods GI Foundation

The Footy's Mission and Vision

Our father founded Footy’s in his search for a healthier and wealthier future for our family and a better footprint for humanity.

We believe that true change is a daily decision where your actions will determine the legacy of your footprint. Making healthier lifestyle choices, by following healthier eating habits with proper nutrition. At the same time, we feel that we can still be able to enjoy the sweet part of life, especially for our kids. Bearing in mind that children live by example, the range was also developed to include mom and dad, which makes it ideal for both young and old.

The Footy's Future Food range products are the brainchild of Dr. Tersia Muller, founder of Wellness Made Simple For Kids. Combining forces with her husband, Christiaan Muller and sister-in-law, Annchen Bester (Chef and new product development consultant), the Footy’s Future Food range saw the light in October 2015.

All our products are made with natural colourants, no artificial sweeteners, no sugar and no preservatives, which makes it diabetic friendly. Our powder cooldrink are ADHD friendly, tooth-friendly and high in vitamin C and contains no artificial ingredients. This makes our products ideal for slimmers, the health conscious and individuals prone to allergies.

About Us

Stefan the Strawberry

Stefan is a big strong guy and is full of attitude. He is very focused on his appearance, especially when it comes to being healthy and fit.

He's very brave, almost like a knight in shining armour, always willing to help those in need. You can spot him a mile away, with his trendy sneakers, spiky hair and funky shades


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Nico is a real Mr Nice Guy, somewhat of an intellectual, with a big heart.

He is a sensitive soul who truly cares for others, and always willing to put the needs of others first. He always makes informed decisions about his diet and prefers to eat healthily. A self-proclaimed bookworm, he can easily sit on his own and read for hours.


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Ruby is such a girly-girl, our little princess who likes all things pretty.

She's a real shopaholic and always up for the challenge to change the world and make healthy differences. She is always calm under pressure and is very affectionate towards others, truly caring for those around her but definitely likes a fair bit of attention herself.


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She loves trying out new things and enjoys being around her friends, everything around her is of interest to her and she can light up any room with her sparkling personality.


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Lucy & Luca are twins.

She is the arty one who loves to dance. She's Playful, bubbly and full of life.

He is our rock star and loves the limelight, he loves singing and wants to start his own rock band when he's older.

Lucy & Luca

Grant the Grape

Grant is the Bussiness Guy, the strategic thinker and Go Getter!

He is the planner and advisor in the family and ensures that all family members are kept in line and make healthy sustainable decisions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Footy’s is safe for your child at any age as it contains no sugar or artificial ingredients and is high in Vitamin C.
The Erythritol used in our Footy’s Powder is NON-GMO, it also has less of a laxative effect when compared to other sugar alcohols. More than 80 grams of Erythritol needs to be consumed per day to actually cause bloating, flatulence, diarrhoea and digestive upset. One standard serving [350-450ml] of Footy’s cool drink contains approximately 12 grams of Erythritol, which means that you can enjoy 5-6 servings per day to reach the threshold of 80 grams of Erythritol intake per day.
Oral health means more than just an attractive smile. Poor oral health and untreated oral diseases and conditions can have a significant impact on quality of life. And in many cases, the condition of the mouth mirrors the condition of the body as a whole. Recent reports indicate a relationship between periodontal (gum) disease and stroke, heart disease, and pre-term low-birth-weight babies. Likewise, more than 90 percent of all systemic diseases have oral manifestations, meaning your dentist may be the first health care provider to diagnose a health problem.
According to the recently released Surgeon General’s report on oral health in America, a large percentage of the population suffers from a reduced quality of life due to oral and facial pain. This pain is largely due to infections of the gums that support the teeth and can lead to tooth loss. More than 75 percent of the population is affected by some type of periodontal disease or gingivitis. Recent reports show that infections in the mouth can affect major organs. One example is bacterial endocarditis, a condition in which the lining of the heart and heart valves become inflamed. Poor mouth care also can contribute to oral cancer, which now takes more lives annually than cervical or skin cancer. In addition, poor oral health affects the digestive process, which begins with physical and chemical activities in the mouth. Problems here can lead to intestinal failure, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other problems.
You may be able to prevent two of the most common diseases of modern civilization, tooth decay (caries) and periodontal disease, simply by improving your diet. Decay results when the hard tissues are destroyed by acid products from oral bacteria. Certain foods and food combinations are linked to higher levels of cavity - causing bacteria. Although poor nutrition does not directly cause periodontal disease, many researchers believe that the disease progresses faster and is more severe in patients whose diet does not supply the necessary nutrients. Periodontal disease affects the supporting tissues of the teeth and is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Poor nutrition affects the entire immune system, thereby increasing susceptibility to many disorders. People with lowered immune systems have been shown to be at higher risk for periodontal disease. Additionally, today’s research shows a link between oral health and systemic conditions, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. So eating a variety of foods as part of a well¬ balanced diet may not only improve your dental health, but increasing fibre and vitamin intake may reduce the risk of other diseases.
Frequently Asked Questions

Add Footy’s powder to a glass of cold milk and enjoy a FootyLicious milkshake.

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