Footy’s Food Safety Policy

FOOTY’S (Pty) Ltd shall comply with the both statutory and regulatory requirements, and mutually agreed food safety requirements of customers.

The management team of FOOTY’S are committed to supply safe, quality products that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of the customers and consumers consistently. We ensure this policy is reviewed regularly for continued suitability and ensure this policy is understood, accepted, implemented and maintained throughout all levels of the company.

The responsibility and commitment to the Food Safety Management System rests with the highest level of management.

The management are committed to achieve the following:

  • To implement and participate in continually improving the food safety system.
  • Review of the system for continued adequacy, suitability and effectiveness.
  • Communication and understanding of the system within the organization.
  • Establish a forum for resolving conflict.
  • To understand, identify and communicate customer’s and consumer’s expectations and needs.
  • To continuously measure and communicate customer and consumer satisfaction.
  • To create and maintain partnerships with suppliers to achieve food safety objectives.
  • To identify, manage and monitor processes across the food chain which have an impact on food safety.
  • To invest in future leadership, training and growth of the employees.
  • To ensure resources are available to enable continuous improvement.

In ensuring that the organization complies to statutory regulations and industry standards. The following laws, by-laws, regulations and customer requirements will be used to ensure compliance to product description and product specifications:

  • Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act, 1972 (Act. No. 54 of 1972)
  • Regulation relating to food colourants R 1008
  • CPA Consumer Commission Recall guidelines
  • Standard-01-Sep-17-final-v1.0-annexe-1(Flavours)
  • R638 Regulations Governing General Hygiene Requirements For Food Premises And The Transport Of Food
  • Trade metrology act, Act no 77 of 1973
  • SANS 10330:2020 – Requirements for a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system
  • SANS 10049:2019 – Food safety management – Requirements for prerequisite programs (PRP’s)
  • SABS - Standards ACT 1962 (Act no 33 of 1962)
  • SANS 241-1:2015 - Drinking water Part 1: Microbiological, physical, aesthetic and chemical determinants.
  • SANS 241-2:2015 – Drinking water Part 2: Application of SANS 241-1
  • Hazardous Substances Act, 1973 (Act no. 15 of 1973)
  • International Health Regulations Act, 1974 (Act no. 28 of 1974)
  • National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, 1977 (Act no. 103 of 1977)
  • Standards Act, 1993 (Act no. 29 of 1993)
  • National Health Act, 2003 (Act no. 61 of 2003)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act no. 85 of 1993)
  • Employment Equity Act, 1998 (Act no. 55 of 1998)
  • Regulation No. 852/2004 - Hygiene of Foodstuffs
  • Regulation No.2073/2005 – Microbiological criteria for foodstuffs
  • Foodstuffs ,cosmetics & Disinfectants Acts Regulations related to Labelling & Advertising of Foods R429 of March 2014
  • GFSI Version 7.2
  • Codex Food Additives
  • Regulations - Relating to Food Grade Salt - R 184 of 2007
  • Codex working paper on elaboration of a regional standard for microbiological levels in foodstuffs (CX-NEA 03-16) 1