Footy's SuperFan
Footy's SuperFan

The purpose of the Superfan campaign is to promote the Footy's brand & drive customers to retail stores.

A Footy's Superfan - is a Footy's Fan who has an extreme obsession and admiration for Footy's and wants to earn an additional recurring income in return for ongoing marketing efforts in the form of weekly tastings at existing Footy's retail outlets.

Superfan Requirements

  • To be passionate about the Footy's brand, vision and mission;
  • Host interactive promotions/tastings at various malls/schools/markets and other events in the area assigned to you;
  • To drive more customers/consumers to buy Footy's Future Food products at retailers and other outlets;
  • To increase and drive sales by means of interactive tastings/promos;
  • To educate consumers on the benefits and various applications of Footy's Future Food products;
  • To build relationships with customers, store managers, independent store owners and staff;
  • To educate managers and staff of retail stores and other outlets on the uses and benefits of the various Footy's Future Food products;
  • To act as and to work with current Footy's Future Food merchandisers [small role] in current retail stores;
  • To manage own Footy's Facebook page working with Footy's Future Food social media manager;
  • To widen Footy's Future Food offset points and to refer new and/or potential stockists;
  • Attend training at the Footy's Future Food Factory and also future refreshment courses/training on the products;
To Do List

Let's Talk Business

Superfans are committed and passionate ambassadors of the Footy's brand with very specific promotional obligations.

In return, Superfans will earn a % on Footy's monthly sales in the various retailers allocated to the Superfan's designated territory.

Footy's retailers currently consist of Dis-Chem, Food Lovers Market, Pick n Pay, Spar and various other smaller offset points in your area.

Amongst others, SuperFans are responsible to generate promotional activity such as product tastings in these retailers, while creating more awareness about Footy's products that will lead to more sales in retailers which means more money in your pocket.

Final Approvals

Step 1: Preliminary approval will be done by management and a short list of candidates for each area compiled.

Step 2: A telephonic/skype or personal first interview will then be arranged with the shortlisted candidates.

Step 3: Final shortlist of candidates will be compiled and formal interview's will be held.

Step 4: Product, Marketing & Sales Training.

Step 5: Ongoing Support.

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